Tire Cord, Single End and Conveyor Belt Dipping Lines

What we offer:
Tires are the essential link between vehicles and the road. 100% reliability and safety are an absolute must. The fabrics used in various tires are impregnated and thermally treated on Benninger installations ensuring they meet the most sophisticated requirements.
On Benninger single end impregnation installation yarns made from polyamide, polyester, viscose as well as glass are treated in such a way that they can be used universally, e.g. in tires, v-belts, hoses, ropes and pneumatic spring systems.
Particularly high demands are placed on conveyor belts because of their operating conditions. A high level of wearing resistance when transporting packaged and bulk mineral goods is only one example thereof. For many decades Benninger has specialized in manufacturing installations which meet these needs.

Our presentation topic during the conference:
How to address energy and environmental aspects in a Tire Cord production

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Mr Thomas Soika
Sales Manager
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