Sales and Marketing of Spinning and Spinning Accessories

What we are looking for:
The developments in Textiles machinery, Engineering, technology and the process from the renowned speaker/participating companies like
Truetzschler - Roter Spinning,
Automation by - Neuenhaser
Resdabinder - On waxing
Mayer& Cie - Fibre to Fabric
Saurer - Drafting system and cots
Welker - Advance air conditioning
Groz Bekert - Weaving technology in India
Truezschler - Modern Nonwoven
Mahlo - Maximising profit
Benninger - Continuous Knit process.
Festo .
Discussions/views of the domain experts presenting in the conference.

What we offer:
Spinning Machinery range - Preperatory from Truetzschler, Winding from Savio, Humification from Luwa, Card clothing from Truetzschler,

Spinning Accessories -
Spares and upgradation from Truezschler and Saurer, Compact system from Dechnga Texma
Ringframe spindles, drafting for spinning and spares from Teraspin
Lab equipment & spindle monitoring from MAG Solvics.

Our presentation topic during the conference:
Process cutting and quality improvement in Rotor Spinnng


Mr Laxminarayan Kanaki

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