Textile machine sales

What we are looking for:
We are looking to network with potential customers planning to invest in circular knitting, warp knitting and technical textiles project

Interact with stalwarts from other machine technologies

What we offer:
Turnkey project to customers in circular knitting, warp knitting and technical textiles

Our presentation topic during the conference:
Advantages for warp knitters - warp knitted terry fabrics

  • Textile machinery
    • Spinning machinery and accessories
    • Knitting and hosiery machinery and accessories
    • Weaving machinery and accessories
    • Nonwoven machinery and accessories
    • Finishing and dyeing machinery and accessories
    • Laboratory testing and measurement equipment and accessories
    • other machinery, components and accessories
  • Textile production
    • spinning mill
    • knitting mill
    • weaving mill
    • finishing and dyeing of textiles
    • natural fibers
    • man-made fibers
    • garment
    • home textiles
    • technical textiles
    • nonwoven manufacturer
    • Carpet production


Deputy General Manager
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