Pnuematic and Electrical products for manufacturing Automation

What we are looking for:
New application oppurnities in textile segments and to understand the new requirements and developments happening in the market.

What we offer:
Festo: Your Partner in Progress through Automation and Motion Control Technology

Today, Festo offers the following product groups:

Single and double acting cylinders from 2.5 mm to 360 mm dia ; compact and short stroke cylinders, linear drives; rotary actuators, guide and linear units, cylinder mounting and accessories, manually and mechanically actuated valves, pneumatically and solenoid actuated valves, non-return valves, flow regulation valves, valve terminals, logic elements, converters, counters, indicators, sensors; connectors, manifold, distributors, silencers, vacuum components, handling equipment, control cabinets, air preparation units (FRL’s), and special units like indexing tables and feed units. The recent addition is of Electrical Drive family with a lot of variety. With this we can offer Pneumo-Electric solutions for automation. Vision systems are also important in industrial automation and Festo has excellent vision camera equipment which can be used in automation solutions for pick and place systems, inspection systems and diagnostic purpose.

Festo is also known for the Process Automation where complete assembly of Valve, actuator, positioner and indicator is supplied. All the components are manufactured to Festo Norms and are of world class quality.

Our presentation topic during the conference:
Textile Industry

  • Textile machinery
    • Spinning machinery and accessories
    • Twisting and winding machinery and accessories
    • Knitting and hosiery machinery and accessories
    • Weaving machinery and accessories
    • Nonwoven machinery and accessories
    • Finishing and dyeing machinery and accessories
    • Laboratory testing and measurement equipment and accessories
    • Braiding machinery
    • other machinery, components and accessories
  • Textile production
    • spinning mill
    • knitting mill
    • weaving mill
    • finishing and dyeing of textiles
    • natural fibers
    • man-made fibers
    • garment
    • home textiles
    • technical textiles
    • braiding
    • nonwoven manufacturer
    • Carpet production


Mr Jegan Chakrvarthi
Cluster Manager Textiles
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