Products and services for the warp knitting industry

What we offer:
At Groz-Beckert all components of a warp knitting system are coordinated with one another. The perfect interaction of our needles and system parts guarantees a uniform and flawless warp knitting process.
Machine builders around the world rely on Groz-Beckert as a development partner and quality supplier. We steadily develop our product range on the basis of this know-how.

Warp Knitting needles:
Compound needles
Latch needles
Patent needles
Spring beard needles

System parts:
Guide needles
Flat parts

Guide needle modules
Sinker modules
closer modules

  • Textile machinery
    • Spinning machinery and accessories
    • Knitting and hosiery machinery and accessories
    • Weaving machinery and accessories
    • Nonwoven machinery and accessories


Mr Panhalkar Dipak Panhalkar
Products and services for the warp knitting industry
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